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Need IT services Worksop? We are an IT Services support company in Worksop that offers affordable, high-quality computer network, hardware and software IT solutions. Or, are you looking for Worksop IT consultants, who are accessible and able provide assistance and advice to each and every user within your organisation, regardless of their technical abilities? We provide a full range of IT Services including Email Systems, Computer Support and Repairs, Cloud based Back-up’s and Disaster Recovery.

nFinity IT Services Worksop provide a variety of IT services for clients in the Worksop and North Nottinghamshire areas, taking care of all your technical issues. Every IT consultant in our company works with you individually to deploy solutions that meet your ever-changing business requirements and provide continuous maintenance, administration, support and repair for your systems and tools.

Our experienced Worksop based IT consultants quickly resolve any difficulties you and your company are facing so that you’re able to work as efficiently and productively as possible.

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  • Microsoft Exchange on-premises
    Your business success relies on technology solutions that make your users more productive. With Exchange Server you can cost effectively provide your users the freedom to securely access all of their communications – e-mail, voice mail, instant messaging, and more—from virtually any platform, Web-browser, or device to get more done wherever they are.
  • Microsoft Exchange in Cloud
    Avoid costly server upgrades and eliminate day-to-day maintenance by moving to Microsoft Office 365. It is a cloud-based service hosted by Microsoft that brings together familiar Microsoft Office applications with business email, shared calendars, instant messaging, video conferencing, and file sharing.
  • Microsoft Exchange Hybrid Solution
    A hybrid deployment offers organisations the ability to extend the feature-rich experience and administrative control they have with their existing on-premises Microsoft Exchange organisation to the cloud. A hybrid deployment provides the seamless look and feel of a single Exchange organisation between an on-premises Exchange Server organisation and Exchange Online Preview in Microsoft Office 365.
  • Google Apps
    With Google Apps, all your work is automatically saved in the cloud. You’ll have access to your email, calendar, documents, and sites and be able to work securely, no matter where you are in the world and what device you’re on. For your business, this means every employee and everyone you work with can be productive from anywhere, using any device with an Internet connection.
E-mail plays a critical role in all aspects of business today. It’s perhaps your most important IT solution, and investment

Whether you’re looking to wean yourself off a POP3 server, subscribe to cloud-based services like Gmail, implement Microsoft Exchange, or simply receive support for Microsoft Exchange, nFinity is the ideal partner. We help businesses construct new e-mail solutions or maintain and upgrade their existing e-mail infrastructure.

Rather than just providing standalone recommendations, we work with you and all key members of your business to determine your specific e-mail requirements.

We explain the different benefits and costs associated with each new solution we propose. We don’t favour any one offering; we critically examine your business, the best practices of your team, your organisation’s behaviour, and make highly considered recommendations from there.

If we choose to migrate your e-mail data to a new server environment, you can rest assured that your old information will be transferred effectively and that your new e-mail system will operate efficiently after the switch. In most cases, we’re able to perform e-mail migrations over the weekend and after hours to ensure that you don’t lose any productivity.

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  • Help Desk Services
    Our cloud-based remote support Help Desk provides an efficient way to provide you with immediate support. It’s convenient, safe and fast. We find that the vast majority of our client’s technical problems can be resolved remotely. We use the latest in remote tools that allow us, with your user’s permission, to remotely view and control the affected system. In many cases our technical team can have your users back up and running in a few short minutes.
  • On-Site Services
    By placing our IT support engineers in your office on a regular basis, we are able to understand your challenges and opportunities the moment they arise. We’ll provide instant support and work ongoing IT issues so your systems are up and running at all times. Sometimes the problem can’t be fixed remotely so we will dispatch one of our engineers on site to fix the problem.

Finding reliable, ongoing computer service and computer consulting for your equipment at the office is challenging – regardless of whether it’s a desktop, laptop, mobile phone or server. By combining remote support (wherever you are) with regular in-house office visits, nFinity ensures you get the very best Support.

Our computer service specialists focus on providing our clients with high-quality, timely computer consulting and computer service including PC repair services in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. We take preventative measures, like providing daily IT troubleshooting services; installing systematic upgrades of anti-virus software and making sure that all your business applications are up-to-date. If necessary, we even perform computer repair when parts go bad such as memory and power supplies. Our computer support services cover Mac and Windows-based computers, Linux and Windows servers and any kind of mobile phone. We also help your employees install and use new software and applications, or resolve technical problems on your network.

To make sure that you don’t jeopardise current hardware and software investments, we are immediately available to answer questions, helps troubleshoot and make repairs quickly.

Our computer repair specialists utilise the latest secure remote access technologies to provide online help for you and your employees wherever you are. This means we are able address problems even if you’re not physically in the office. This accessibility and immediate attention stops small issues from becoming huge problems and helps any client looking for PC repair avoid loss of critical business information, money and precious time.

  • Each member of our computer service team at nFinity possesses an ideal mix of professional experience and outstanding technology expertise.
  • We deliver services in a friendly, straightforward manner.
  • We resolve your technical issues and then take the time to explain what happened and provide advice on how you can adjust your behaviour or install new software prevent similar problems in the future.
  • We understand the importance of an experienced technician to perform that critical computer repair.

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  • On-site Servers
    Many companies have severs in their office. Maintaining a server environment on site is vitally important. We ensure that servers are protected from the unexpected power disruptions, redundancy as well protected, and backed-up on a regular basis. We leverage innovative management software to quickly and seamlessly perform these tasks, making sure everything from e-mail to critical business applications run smoothly. This server management is just another part of our ongoing monthly IT services and support.
  • Cloud based servers
    The cloud provides a highly reliable and scalable infrastructure for deploying web-scale solutions, with minimal support and administration costs, and more flexibility than you’ve come to expect from your own infrastructure, either on-premise or at a datacentre facility. We work with many cloud providers, some of the biggest including Amazon, RackSpace and Microsoft Cloud services.
Windows Servers

Windows Servers are the backbone for most businesses today. Whether you have an outdated server or no server at all, you likely have questions on how to invest your resources most effectively. It’s best not to try to answer these without the help of experts. A server purchase is probably the biggest technology investment that you will make, something you’ll live with for the next half decade.

At nFinity, our server consultants provide the Windows Server expertise necessary, helping clients answer tough questions and ensure that they invest resources wisely now and in the future. As a Dell Partner, we truly understand hardware requirements associated with a Windows Server technology. We are experts at deploying and managing their software solutions for small businesses.

With this knowledge, we help you evaluate the effectiveness your existing investments, assess your current and future needs and explain your options in detail before recommending any type of new investment.

For example, companies that have already invested in Windows Server may decide it’s most cost-effective to upgrade and maintain their existing server environment for another year or so before considering a complete upgrade. Others that have not yet invested may decide the time is right to move away from an individual PC or workgroup solution to a centralised Windows server infrastructure.

We understand the idiosyncrasies of all these environments and are able to support and advise businesses with any server installation.

  • Once deployed, maintaining a Windows Server environment is vitally important. We ensure that you keep patched, protected, and backed-up on a regular basis.
  • We leverage innovative management software to quickly and seamlessly perform these tasks, making sure everything from e-mail to critical business applications run smoothly.
  • This server management is just another part of our ongoing monthly IT services and support.
Linux / Unix Servers

Your business and technical needs may go beyond the standard Windows Server environment. Finding an IT services and support team with expertise in both Windows and Linux—one that can truly support a heterogeneous environment—is a challenge. We’re proud to offer a team of IT professionals at nFinity who have ample experience installing and supporting both platforms.

We help you maintain and support installations of Bugzilla, Sendmail, SFTP servers, TWIKI and many other Unix-based environments, and we cover your full infrastructure, from your ISP’s modem all the way out to your desktops.

Virtual Servers

Once the domain of big enterprise with deep pockets, virtualisation is now a useful and increasingly common tool for small- to medium-sized businesses. Companies of any size have access to inexpensive or free virtualisation packages and powerful computing resources that support this cutting-edge technology. At nFinity, we are well versed in how to effectively implement low-cost virtual solutions for SMBs.

First, we help you evaluate if virtualisation in right for your business. We consider how your current physical resources are being utilised. Do you have a number of different servers doing different tasks? Are these same services spending significant time sitting idle? Are you concerned with the current cost, efficiency and time spent supporting and maintaining your existing server environment?

We also look at future needs

  • Do you anticipate finite periods of increased demand on your server environment in the coming year?
  • Are you looking for ways to more effectively test and deploy new applications and software?
  • Do you need more data storage or want to increase the frequency of back-ups for more seamless recovery during outages and disasters?

Once we’ve evaluated the need, we work with you to navigate the plethora of free and open source virtualisation implementations that are available to companies of your size.

We help you select the right solution for your business and deploy your virtualisation environment with ease.

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Whether it’s a iPhone or Android, everyone’s using a smartphone for work and for play.
These devices have made a huge leap forward in both ease-of-use and functionality. But with all these choices, many have questions about whether they’ve selected the right type of solution to meet their professional and personal needs, and if they’ve deployed the right type of infrastructure to support their phone.

At nFinity, we not only have experience setting up these devices and the software to support them, we also use them ourselves.

We answer all your questions about different types of smartphones, and once you’ve selected a phone, we work with you to set up and explain how to use the software necessary for installing new applications and synching up your phone with your computer.

We hook your mobile devices directly to Microsoft Exchange or your other e-mail provider. This means you and your colleagues more easily install critical business applications on your phones and synchronise e-mail, calendar, contacts, tasks, memos and more to your computers. For security purposes, we deploy the most advanced security features available for mobile devices, those that allow you to impose a device lockdown or wipe data from a lost or stolen phone.

With our help, you can make informed decisions as you invest in new devices for yourself or for your company. You also have piece of mind that new mobile technology isn’t introducing frightening security risks.

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In today’s business climate, your most important information and applications are online
This includes everything from e-mail to files stored on your servers to the software that lets you run your day-to-day operations. It’s vital that you back up all these digital assets regularly so that in event of a disaster-a lost file, hardware malfunction or worse – you can be up and running again without much downtime or long-term damage.

At nFinity, we understand how difficult regular server backups are to perform, particularly in a smaller business where everyone’s strapped for time.

To properly back up your data and applications, we help you implement the right software or hardware solution and provide daily, ongoing maintenance so that you can focus on running the business.

We offer many options for you to back up your server environments, whether they’re small or large, physical or virtual. We know how critical your business information and applications are and work with you to create a plan for every disaster scenario.

We deploy automated backup solutions to minimise your management overhead and conduct proactive monitoring of backup operations and availability. By taking this approach, we are employing layers of protection to ensure you’re covered in any situation.

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Security is a concern for every business. But most don’t know how vulnerable they are. The first line of defence to your network is your firewall. Then you have antivirus and SPAM filtering. But your security must go deeper than that. As you look at password policies, software firewalls, and wireless settings and more, you need the help of experts to come up with a plan that effectively accounts for all these factors.

At nFinity, we specialise in helping small- and medium-sized businesses like yours develop their unique IT security plan. We work with you to find a balance between cost, productivity and security.

We take basic steps to ensure that you’re effectively protecting yourself and your business, such as purchasing and deploying a firewall, virus scanner, and anti-SPAM solution. Even these basics investments require choices, and we help you make the right ones.

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NFinity are partners with ESET security

nFinity IT Services are partners with ESET security

Having a useful, inexpensive Intranet is almost a business requirement these days. It allows for easy access to shared information within a company or department. Just about every level of employee is familiar with web browsing, and Intranet solutions offer the same baseline accessibility and ease-of-use.

nFinity offer an easy-to-use and -deploy intranet solution – one that leverages the Microsoft Office software in which you’ve already invested. Windows SharePoint Services – included with your Windows-based server, and we make sure you take advantage of it.

  • We deploy the solution quickly and provide ongoing support for those using it.
  • We ensure all stakeholders have access to the tool and that they know how to use it.

SharePoint also connects with your Windows domain. This allows for the authentication and restriction of certain parts of the network to certain employees. For example, we help you ensure only certain employees get access to the HR documentation that pertains to their job function.

We see this type of user-based access as an important way to make sure that critical business information remains secure and that users are not confused by information that doesn’t pertain to them or their job function.

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